Mission Statement: To win souls for Christ, one soul at a time.
Vision: To see all people actively giving, serving, and living a committed life to God.

Pastor B

No one comes into the world knowing what God will call them to be, but Pastor Bernard Kelvin Dorsey was being shaped for his destiny at a very young age. He started reading the Word at age six for his grandfather, founder of Faith In Jesus Christ Family Ministries, Elder Hayward Williams Jr. Elder Williams saw a gift in the young man, and he began ministering on tapes at the tender age of eight. With each word he uttered, he felt his love for God growing ever larger. Pastor B was a member of The Perfect Church from 1992 until 2000, when his grandfather received the call to found Faith In Jesus Christ Family Ministries. Pastor B graduated from Creekside High School in 2002. He lived the life of a “free” young man, and then heard his Father in Heaven give him his purpose: delivering the Word of God to a world in need, and ushering the populace into the gift of salvation. He answered this call to purpose in 2008. Pastor B, then Minister Dorsey, served as Youth Minister for Faith In Jesus Christ Family Ministries from 2008-2014. On February 16th, 2014, Minister Dorsey attained another title: Pastor of FJCFM. He is currently completing his Bachelor’s Degree at Point University for Ministry and Church Leadership.

“My desire as Pastor is to be a committed and faithful servant of God as I serve His people by the gifts He has given me.” –Pastor Bernard K. Dorsey