Welcome to Faith In Jesus Christ Family Ministries!

From Pastor B: Welcome to Faith in Jesus Christ Family Ministries! We are a ministry focused on the life that comes from having complete faith in Jesus Christ. It is very clear in the word of God that salvation comes through Jesus and it is our faith that connects us to this free gift. As a ministry, we are not concerned with just being saved, but having every area of our life changed by Christ. Our desire to be better men, women, and children who impact this world for the Kingdom of God would only be possible by faith in Christ through the Word of God and His Spirit. We take every effort to teach this truth through our worship services, our small groups, and our outreach. I invite you to come out and fellowship with us and take part in the great things that Christ is doing in our community through our family of members. We would love to share all that we have in Christ with you. See you soon! 

Sunday Service

11:00 am EST

Word Up: The Soul Experience

Wednesday, 7:00 pm

Morning Prayer Call

Wednesday & Friday 

7:30 am EST

Men's Ministry Call

Tuesday, 7:00 pm EST

Women's Call

2nd & 4th Thursdays, 8:15 pm

Choir Practice

Wednesday, 8:00 pm

Kingdom Kids' Practice

Friday, 6:30 pm

New Member Classes

Sunday, 9:30 am

(as announced)